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The Forge Coaching & Leadership

The Forge Coaching & Leadership

Are You One Of Those Men Who Are Serious About Reaching Their Full Potential? 

Reaching our destiny is something many of us no longer think about. At this point in our life, other things have taken over. There's no time to think about destiny when you're just trying to figure out what to do tomorrow let alone years from now. 

We have two choices that lie in front of us.

Choice #1 - Continue doing what has always been done. Trying to figure it out on your own.

Choice #2 - Decide today is the day that your life changes.

The most successful men in history used coaching and mentoring along the way to achieving amazing results in their lives. Look at this shortlist below along with their coaches.

Eric Schmidt (Former CEO Google) - Bill Campbell

Michael Jordan - Phil Jackson

Metallica (yes the heavy metal band) - Phil Towle

Leonardo DiCaprio - Tony Robbins

It’s not a coincidence that these people are where they are. Achieving incredible results isn’t just luck.

It took consistent effort, for decades, until all that work compounds, adds up, and finally pays off.

Here's the key. They don’t rest on their laurels. They keep going. Keep pushing. They…get coached.

In all of these relationships, the mechanics were the same.

Struggle + Coach = Achievement

If you remove the struggle, there’s no need for a coach because it means you’re not working towards anything great.

If you remove the coach it means you might just fail emotionally, intellectually, physically, or spiritually and never achieve what you want either.

What’s required then is both, working together as one, to get to where you want to go.

It's no different for you.

The Forge is your place to get the coaching and mentoring you need to resolve the challenges that face you today. There's no use looking to the future until we get today in order. 

I work with men who decide to venture on a personal hero's journey.  

Their goal is simple. 

To improve some aspect of their lives over the next 90-days. 

Choose from individual and coaching packages. Each comes with a free 30-minute discovery consult to set the foundation for future consults.

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Coaching Packages

Choose from three different packages. Each package receives an additional 30 minute consult to set the framework for the other sessions.

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