All Men committed to living at the highest levels in your life and marriage...

Get ready to reclaim your passion, purpose and power.  

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Band of Brothers 2021

The Band of Brothers is our weekly inner circle group. Click "Learn More" and complete a short assessment to see if you are a fit for this powerful group of men. 

The King's Pledge

Every successful man has a vision that drives him towards getting the most out of life. Don't have time for the full Return of The King course. That's ok, that's what this is for.

Hero's Quest

Embark on a personal Hero's Quest and discover how much your life can change in 12 weeks by following a step-by-step roadmap that almost guarantees your success. The only thing missing is your commitment.

Module 1 - The Return of the King

A foundational module that sets direction and meaning for your life.

In this module, we take a deep look within ourselves to discover what makes us tick. Between the four horsemen of life, the dark brother within and right through to visioning you will develop the self-discipline to create and define your life purpose complete with a road map to keep you on track. 

The Forge Coaching & Leadership

Break from the shackles that are holding you back from living your authentic self. I offer three tiers for you to choose from that align with your commitment to living your life purpose. 

Free Resource Hub (The Armoury)

Here's where you find exercises, articles and downloadables to equip you on your journey to being a man of purpose, passion and power.  Get equipped today by clicking the "Learn More" button below to gain access to these FREE resources!

The Evolving Man Podcast

The purpose of this podcast is to bring to light issues concerning men today. Be that the attack on masculinity, failed relationships, life purpose, identity, etc. The goal is to provide insight and information from thought leaders to help men awaken their inner King. Click "Latest Episode Here!" to gain access.

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