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Band of Brothers 2024

ATTN: All Men Looking For The Secret To Mastering Their Life

Have you considered joining a men's group? What if it was more like a men's circle or a group mentorship/mastermind program? Would that be something you would be interested in?

Men's circles (groups) have become more and more popular in the past several years. 

Since the '70s and '80s men's groups have matured and evolved over time.

Today's men's groups are 

Joining A Sports Team

For many of us, being part of a sports team regardless of competition or skill level was more than just the sport it was about spending time doing something you enjoy with other men. 

It's the camaraderie, friendly teasing and challenges make joining the group worthwhile.

The Band of Brothers is just like that yet even more impactful and fulfilling

Men who join the Band of Brothers (BoB), are men who are looking for something more out of life.

Ya, you might find that in a locker room but where does the conversation, execution and inspiration go after the beers are gone?  

You see our focus is on becoming the best husband, father, brother, and leader we can be.  We harness the fire in our belly to live and create a life of meaning and purpose. 

Band of Brothers takes the best of group mentoring and masterminds combined with the latest adult learning techniques to uncover, rebuild, teach and grow in a safe-judgement-free community.   

Take a look at what we are all about:

  • We offer a structured meeting format with room for sharing, feedback and growth.
  • A private men's circle that meets bi-monthly to discuss topics affecting men today including career, marriage, relationships, money, fatherhood, spirituality and many more. 
  • Free 100-page brotherhood manifesto with lots of space for you to capture inspiration. To work on the essential things in your life and stuffed with information to guide you in being the man you know you are meant to be.
  • A 30-minute mentoring consultation each month

And to make sure this is right for you just book a free 30-minute clarity call where you get to ask me about anything that is on your mind.

Still not sure if this is for you, take a look at the teaser module to see if this is a fit.  

I look forward to seeing you in the brotherhood.

10 Modules

Is the Band of Brothers Right for Me?

Wondering if joining The Brotherhood is worth it? I get it. So, to help with that decision I created a short 10-question survey. Just answer T/F and see what the results say.

Video Overview Tour

In this module, I walk you through what The Band of Brothers membership site looks like, how to interact with it and give you a lay of the land. 

Introduction to Band of Brothers

Men who have the most success in our group program are the ones committed to their personal growth and the growth of other men within the group. Think of it this way, it's like being on your favourite sports team. Each member looks out for the other guy and does his best to play at his highest level. The same thing applies here.

Goal Assessment

Regardless of what we claim to want out of life. Unless we write it out and it is in alignment with who we are our chances of attaining anything are bleak. The purpose of this workbook is to guide you in gaining clarity on your goals. To discern what you want, the obstacles in the way (including yourself) and the steps needed to achieve your target. This process starts with understanding our values and beliefs…

So, let’s get started.


Meeting Room

To ensure everyone has a great online experience please follow the keys below:

  • Always face your camera
  • Place yourself on mute
  • Open chat box to ask questions and communicate if someone else is talking
  • Sit in a well-lit space with the light facing you not behind you.
  • Remember to smile

The Code of Honour (Our Virtues)

An awakened man lives by a code. A code of honour that he uses as guideposts for how he conducts himself. We use 12 virtues that make up our code. Click the "view this module" button to explore each one. 

Modules for this product 10
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