All Men committed to living at the highest levels in your life and marriage...

Get ready to reclaim your passion, purpose and power.  

Module 1 - The Return of the King

Module 1 - The Return of the King

Every Man Has a Path Inside Him.

Isn't it Time to Uncover Yours!

Do you live life with a definitive purpose in mind? I know for me, I thought I did but in actuality, I was striving to attain goals. Now, don't get me wrong, having ambition is a good thing.  Actually, it's a great thing. The question is where is my ambition rooted? What will I become after attaining my goals? 

The Return of the King means every action we take is rooted in a deep understanding of three things.

      1. We know who we are.
      2. We know where we're going.
      3. We know our raison d'etre - our why.

By the end of this course, you will have answered these three questions.

With your finely crafted King's Pledge life's challenges simply become speed bumps instead of stone walls.

Now, armed with a roadmap for how to stay on track you become unstoppable.

Live purposefully, my brothers.


6 Modules


Do you have a vision for your life? Do you live by a code or creed? For some, the answer is "Yes" for others "No." Regardless of the response, having a clearly defined life purpose is the most critical component in having a fulfilling life.  

Personal Assessment of My Life

Wheel of Life Integrity Challenge

Everything Starts Here!

The Wheel of Life Integrity challenge takes place in 6 key areas of life. Work/Career, Finance, Home/Environment, Personal Empowerment, Relationships, Health/Body. 

The King's Journey

The Return of the King reignites your passion for life. Reclaiming your masculinity while showing you how to be in your fullness regardless of the situation. Ultimately living a life of purpose for you, your family and your community. 

Weekly Q&A

A Bi-weekly check-in reviewing the previous week's lessons, upcoming lessons and Q&A.

Certificate of Achievement

Congratulations. You've crafted a life purpose that gives your life meaning and direction. Very few men have the kind of clarity you now have. 

Live boldly and authentically, my brother!


Modules for this product 6
Live With Purpose Today!

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